Illuminate Your Night: Paddle and Glow Kayak Tours in St. Andrews Bay

$ 60 per kayak
  • 2 people per kayak
  • Personal Flotation Device (Lifejackets)
  • Local Tour Guides


Embark on a magical “Paddle and Glow” tour with All Inclusive Adventures, exploring the tranquil waters of St. Andrews Bay at night. This unique experience takes place near the Hathaway Bridge, just behind Gulf Coast State College, where the bay branches into North Bay and Grand Lagoon, providing a sheltered paddling environment away from the open Gulf.

Our transparent kayaks, equipped with lighting, illuminate the water beneath you, offering a mesmerizing view of the marine life below in the serene setting of the northwestern side of the bay. This enchanting tour does not venture to the Gulf but stays close to the launch area, making it safe and accessible for all skill levels.

Tour Details:

Location: Launches from Carl Grey Park, adjacent to the Hathaway Bridge
Cost: $60 per boat, suitable for two people (maximum weight per boat is 350 lbs)
Join us at “Paddle and Glow” for an unforgettable evening exploring the hidden wonders of St. Andrews Bay, where the calm waters and glowing lights create a perfect backdrop for a peaceful paddleboarding adventure.

Included with trip

Not included with trip

Images from our Paddle & Glow adventures

Pickup and Drop-off

The tour launches from Carl Grey Park, right behind Gulf Coast State College, on the Panama City side of the Hathaway Bridge. 

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From our exclusive night-time glow kayak tours to tranquil paddleboard adventures, we are committed to providing you with an unforgettable experience that highlights the beauty and serenity of our natural landscapes.

$ 60 per kayak
  • 2 people per kayak
  • Personal Flotation Device (Lifejackets)
  • Stunning Sunsets
  • Free Float