FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

Do I need any previous experience to participate?

Our tours are for everyone, even first-timers!

Can I bring my kids?

Of course!! It’s a fun family friendly activity. We have a minimum weight of 30 pounds and an adult must be in the same vessel with them. Children between 10-17 can rent a kayak solo with parental permission. Only two people per kayak.

Can I bring alcohol on our adventure?

We have a NO ALCOHOL policy.  We do understand the desire to enjoy adult beverages while on vacation however we want a safe and family friendly environment. Plus you need both hands 🙂

**All Inclusive Adventures reserves the right to refuse service to any patron deemed incapable of paddling due to alcohol or drug consumption prior to their trip.  If our guides make a judgment call based on alcohol or drug abuse, the patron in question will not be allowed to paddle nor receive a refund for the trip cost.

How far do we paddle?

Depending on the adventure, Guests can paddle within site of our dock or launch area with the glow tour, or with our springs adventure you’ll have roughly a 30 min paddle.

You will be advised in more detail by our staff in our safety briefing before each adventure.

What is your weight limit?

Up to 400 lbs. We ask that the heavier of the two sit in the back of the kayak.

What is your cancellation policy?

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. WE HAVE A ZERO REFUND POLICY. In some cases we may reschedule the activity for you. You can call 850-708-5969 or email allinclusivepcb@gmail.com,  to check with an agent so see if this can be done (determined by availability). If we cannot reschedule we may be able to use a credit. If a session is cancelled by AIA due to unsafe conditions, you will first be rescheduled to another date if available, or a gift card will be issued.  We will NOT REFUND if you decide you want less kayaks when you arrive.

Weather can change quickly in Florida and your safety is our priority. We watch conditions and make the call when appropriate. We will still paddle if it’s cold, light rain, or cloudy. We won’t paddle if there are high winds, thunder or lightning.

We are booked up nearly every day so we can’t have last minute rescheduling or cancellations. If things change on your end, you can try reschedule ( availability dependent) clicking contact us on our website or by calling us.

What equipment do I need to bring and what is provided?

Your All Inclusive Adventures includes all basic paddling equipment including kayak, paddle, & PFD in the price of the session. We ask that no shoes be worn in our clear kayaks to reduce scratching. You WILL get wet because it is a water sport.

 **Conditions can change extremely quickly in Florida. It is important to prepare well to gain the best enjoyment from your trip. Your guides are very familiar with your paddling environment and conditions. Feel free to ask any questions you would like in order to understand all you need to be confident about your trip.

Please understand, we will not paddle in unsafe conditions including high winds and thunderstorms.

  • Clothes you don’t mind getting a little wet.
  • Swim suit/board shorts, shirt; In cool weather… cover-ups, raincoat if it rains.
  • Bring an extra change of clothes just in case
  • Towel 
  • Any special personal paddling gear if you like
  • A lot of fun!!! 
  • Expect to get a little wet – depends on you (or possibly your friends)
  • Live vest available for children and anyone who requests. Life jackets are always on board, even if you choose not to wear one.
  • Great guides who enjoy their work and keep your safe
  • Lots of outdoor fun and a desire to come back very soon!

How many kayaks should I get?

On most tours, guests share a double kayak however the kayak can accommodate a single rider but the price is the same. It’s for the rental of the kayak, not per person. For our SUP’s it’s one per person.

What kind of kayak/SUP will I be using?

Two person (tandem) clear kayaks our used on trips so you can see nature from a whole new perspective. The kayaks you will be using are chosen with comfort, safety and stability in mind. 

The SUP’s are also clear and designed to hold 1 person.

What if there is bad weather the day of our trip?

The weather in our area is generally quite pleasant. It’s one reason the Panhandle is considered a major vacation destination. The months of July through October can produce strong afternoon thunderstorms that we carefully monitor. Staff continually monitors weather conditions to insure you have the safest and most enjoyable trip possible. Obviously we are not in charge of the weather and cannot change a rainy day to accommodate your plans. Your best bet is to be prepared for all types of weather and you will remain comfortable. Please, carefully review the gear list provided and follow the recommendations. *Light rain is not considered a reason to cancel a booking.

NO paddling in thunderstorms, high wind or any weather that is dangerous. Sometimes we paddle in a light rain if there is no threat of lightning. Policy is if a thunderstorm threatens is we “wait it out” and if the radar indicates it may pass through or dissipate. This happens occasionally, especially before our evening Sunset tours. However, the nature of thunderstorms in the summer is that they move fast and generally dissipate just after dark as the day cools or they rain themselves out. Please remember your tour is not cancelled unless you hear from us. Having a schedule that is a little flexible in the summer is also a help if you have to delay a little while to let a storm pass through. Some of our best paddles happen just after a thunderstorm when everything goes calm.

Is it appropriate to tip our guides?

Many of our crew are lifeguards, college students and teachers. While gratuities are by no means required, any gratuity you feel appropriate is very much appreciated and welcomed. As in all service industries 20% or more is a good rule to follow when considering how much to tip.

When do I arrive?

There is a strict schedule we must follow, please arrive 20 minutes early to give time to check in when you arrive and attend the safety briefing. If you are late you will have less time on the water.

When do the kayaks GLOW?

Our lights start glowing when it gets dark, if you want the full dark night and light up kayak experience, please check local sunset times. For example, the 7:30 is a beautiful time to kayak as you will get the sunset but you might not get the full GLOW experience during your entire session.

Where are you located?

Depending on your adventure and the weather, we have multiple launch points for our adventures. Be sure to check your confirmation email on the day of your tour for full details.

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